Deliver Us From Bad Sports Takes And Bad Political Takes

Meet Larry Rhodes, a Southern-Bred idiot with hot garbage sports takes.

I originally wasn’t going to talk about this today, but here we are. I’m just going to break this down.

This Larry Rhodes guy here is talking about the upcoming name change of the Cleveland Indians, Major League Baseball’s American League franchise. Nothing bad, right?

That is, until he delivers a very bad take. Both sports and political, in fact.

“Like everything in sports, the Indians, Major League Baseball are going woke, they’re bending the knee to the PC crowd,” he says.

He couldn’t be more wrong on this one.

The Indians had to change the name to avoid the backlash they received from civic leaders and Native American coalitions, including the Cleveland Indigenous Coalition and the National Congress of American Indians. So yeah, Rhodes is an idiot.

“Political correctness is ruining this country, Identity politics is ruining this country, and one of the conversations that myself and John Matrixx (Co-host of Black and White Sports, one of the many podcasts that air bad takes) had is just a few days after the George Floyd situation came about was that we literally said, ‘You do realize everything we love is going to be destroyed now. Everything is going to go woke.’”

Everything you love is not destroyed. Everybody needs to have a conversation. You need a platform to talk about racism, talk about bigotry and how it needs to be eradicated. Unfortunately, Black and White Sports is not a platform for that. It is a platform of keeping things the way they should be and all about supporting future ex-President Donald Trump. The George Floyd “Situation” is nothing more of a murder when a cop put his knee on his neck for 8 minutes and 46 seconds. If that’s not murder, then what is then, Mr. Rhodes?

“Here we are, the Indians nickname decision come from awakening or epiphany after George Floyd’s death, the team owner says ‘The Indians are one the last teams with Native American monikers.’”

Only an idiot would believe those words.

In a REAL statement by club owner Paul Dolan, he says;

“Hearing firsthand the stories and experiences of Native American people, we gained a deep understanding of how tribal communities feel about the team name and the detrimental effects it has on them.

“We also spoke to local civic leaders who represent diverse populations in our city and who highlighted the negative impact our team name has had on our broader population and on under-represented groups across our community.”

Is this an epiphany after a black man’s murder to decide the change the name or is it backlash from Native Americans? This idiot decided to get political with a very bad sports take and right now he’s failing miserably. He is failing to see that Native Americans are behind the backlash of the team keeping its name, which will continue until 2022 when the club will use a name that will be less Native American and more to do about the city itself. Sports biggest franchises with names based on Native Americans, including MLB’s Indians and Atlanta Braves, and the NFL’s Washington Redskins and Kansas City Chiefs, have been facing pressure to reexamine their names as Americans more directly grapple with issues of racism. Only the Redskins did away with their name in July and are now the Washington Football Team until the team comes up with new branding.

This man still defends Donald Trump even though he lost the election. And he’s failing to see why. Law-abiding citizens voted him out. Several military veterans turned their backs on him. Frontline workers flat-out turned their backs on him. Several Republicans and former Trump administration members stabbed him in the back. The Electoral College voted him out. 80 million people are sick of Donald Trump and are in full support of President-Elect Joe Biden. We can say that because Donald Trump lost the election and this bozo denies it.

Remember when he said the Presidential Election is still up for grabs? Yeah, until everybody voted for Joe Biden. 80 Million to be exact. The Electoral College just called the election for Biden and Donald Trump has got one more month to clean out his office.

Listen, you can blast me for not supporting Donald Trump, but let’s be honest; do you really think I should support someone who picks fights with just about anyone and said the Proud Boys should stand back and stand by? 80 million people are sick of Donald Trump. Even I am sick of Donald Trump.

And that’s just for starters.

Even worse, NBA superstar LeBron James has been a target of this moron’s venomous criticism for absolutely NO REASON WHATSOEVER. No matter what he says or does Rhodes continues to create drama about the man for zero reason. He even gave him a nickname for LeBron; “LeWoke James,” based on LeBron’s stance on the social issues Rhodes stood against in recent months. Rhodes is nothing more than a prick that needs to have his computer unplugged. Our integrity and our intelligence matter, and Rhodes has the IQ of an idiot. Pure and simple. You can’t dispute that. For someone who has the volatility of an eight-year old child, Rhodes deserves a taste of his own medicine.

And he talks like our opinions on both sports and politics don’t matter. We don’t matter? Like when we call you a stupid motherfucker you say we don’t matter? Because let us tell you something; America has been the Great American Melting Pot, where every race, religion, creed and nationality are all welcomed. America is based on tolerance, not hatred and division. That’s why people like Rhodes are turn-offs in this world, because they are not honest at all. This is another example of why bad takes are not acceptable in this field.

So spare us your tears about your sports being “Woke.” The line “Go Woke, Go Broke” mean nothing to people as lone as the money is lined up in their pockets. The Right-Wing sports media is a pathetic excuse for being divisive and supportive of the old way of the world. America is sick of the racism. America is sick of the brand of bigotry on the airwaves. It’s time to de-monetize the Right-Wing sports media.

I would rather be broke than be a sellout against what I believe in.



Writer who is an Agree to Disagree kind of person. passionate New York sports fan.

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Matthew Hollie

Writer who is an Agree to Disagree kind of person. passionate New York sports fan.