The Playbook Of Faith

When I feel down in the dumps, there is one book that brings me some spiritual healing, and that is the Bible. Most people will think I’m kind of a strong religious person; but to be honest, I’m like an average person every Monday through Saturday. Sunday mornings I revel in the Good Book, after that it’s back to being an average Joe. To me and most people, the Bible is the Playbook of Faith.

I often base my principles on three certain things; How to improve my relationship with God, how to make my family proud, and how to maintain a solid foundation in my life that is built by good people in my life. As the times get rough, then that’s when the Playbook of Faith kicks in. I’m not going to be judgmental towards someone who offers a different point of view, but when my personal foundation that is built by good people who have solid lessons in my life that I have learned through the years is attacked, then that’s where my defense comes into play.

When I refer to the Bible as the Playbook of Faith, I often believe that God has an everyday game plan for everybody. Whether it’s someone who has been strong in faith or struggling with everyday life or downright depressed, the Bible is the Good Book for everyday situations for everyday people.

Legendary head coach Bill Walsh said;

“Even when you have an organization brimming with talent, victory is not always under your control. There is no guarantee, no ultimate formula for success. It all comes down to intelligently and relentlessly seeking solutions that will increase your chance of prevailing. When you do that, the score will take care of itself.”

That quote alone tells it all about the score takes cares of itself. When you are down and depressed, God is always listening to your concerns. There’s no guarantee that there is a tomorrow, and there’s no guarantee that success is easy. We all take it one day at a time, no matter the situation. The score will take care of itself when we follow the Playbook of Faith in everyday situations and learn the lessons of everyday life.

When we read the Playbook of Faith, and follow the lessons to live a better life, then God wins. If we slide from the lessons of the Playbook, we all lose. It’s always about who wins and who loses. My philosophy is that when we read the Bible, we get a good sense of spirituality through God, and that is why we win our everyday battles against depression, anger and grief.

If we follow the lessons in the Playbook of Faith, we all win.



Writer who is an Agree to Disagree kind of person. passionate New York sports fan.

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Matthew Hollie

Writer who is an Agree to Disagree kind of person. passionate New York sports fan.